Our Unique & Strategic Marketing Plan is proven to get homes SOLD for the MOST amount of money, in the least amount of time,
and with the least amount of Hassle. As a result, we sell 13 times as many homes as the average Queens' agent, but more imprtantly,
we sell in half the time, and for 3% more money to our Clients! To learn more about how we sell Homes, Coops, and Condos in
Queens County, Contact Us for a Free Consultation


Our Marketing Plan is based on the annual profile of home buyers published by the New York State Association of Realtors. This is the strategic part of our Marketing Plan. In other words, we don't just put listings on the market and pray that someone calls. What we do is target our marketing efforts to the typical Home Buyer of a property like yours. 

The majority of Home Buyers in New York (80%) found the home that they purchased through The Internet, a Real Estate Agent, or a Yard sign/Open House sign. Based on this information, we have crafted a Unique Marketing Plan that ensures MAXIMUM exposure on the Internet as well as to Real Estate Agents. We place Yard Signs (if permissible), and have no problem doing Open Houses to attract those Buyers as well. In fact, we actually have a 7 day marketing plan specifically for Open Houses, and when we host our Open Houses, we plant 10 Signs around the property to make sure that we get as much walk-in traffice as possible!

We make sure that all marketing materials & links are sent to our Seller clients so that they can forward them to their Friends, relatives, and neighbors (8%). Unfortunately, in Queens there is not many Builders that we can market to because most of the Real Estate sold here is Resale, therefore this type of Buyer does not necessarily apply to us.

Finally, if you pay attention to the bottom of the list you will notice that the Buyers who found the Home they purchased through a Print Newspaper Ad or through a Home Book or Magazine is the smallest percentage (5%). Therefore, we spend our Marketing Dollars online, where the Home Buyers are!

Most traditional Realtors in Queens are still paying for Newspaper, Home Book, & Magazine Ads, but as you can see, these marketing efforts do not yield the ultimate result of getting your Home SOLD for the most money possible. Below is a summary of marketing & advertising that we do based on the above study:

1. Professional Photos/Home Staging

Now, because the majority of home buyers find their homes online, that means that the photos of a property are EXTREMELY VITAL in the home buying process, and can be the difference between a home selling or not. If you've ever browsed for homes online then you know that there are hundreds/thousands of properties to sort through, and, most listings have dingy pictures taken with a digital camera or cell phone by the Realtor. That is why 
we hire a professional photographer to come in and take photos of all of our listings. This makes our listings stand out immediately because of the fact that 90 percent of listings on the market do not have the appropriate pictures to highlight a homes' most appealing charecterisitcs. Below are sample photgraphs of some of our past listings:

*Below are actual listings that our team SOLD after the previous Agent(s) failed to do so. 




2. Internet Marketing (41%)

Inline image 1

To ensure that we have the very BEST Internet Marketing Plan, my partner has acquired a very prestigious designation called IMSD (Internet Marketing Specialist Designation). To date, he is the only Keller Williams' Agent in Queens County to graduate from this intense 8 week program! This program is designed to teach Agents how to make listings stand out online, get them in front of the most amount of buyers possible, and how to get listings sold faster, and for MORE MONEY! Below is a detailed description of our revamped internet marketing plan after implementing the IMSD marketing startegies.


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. When you list your property for sale with us, the first thing we do is place it on to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This allows Real Estate Agents (with potential Buyers) to see your property as soon as it hits the market. This also sends your listing to over 50 of the highest trafficked search sites on the internet, including EVERY Brokerage website in Queens & Long Island (Remax, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, etc). MLS listings are syndicated through Point2 Real Estate Syndication

MLS Syndication Powered by 


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2. The second thing we do is place your listing on the Keller Williams Listing Service (KWLS). This is a separate Listing Service available only to Keller Williams Agents. This service is powered by ListHub, which sends your property to over 900 National, Regional, and Local websites (including all major sites like Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, etc). In addition, KWLS allows us to upload more pictures than the MLS does, which buyers look for, and which allows your property to rank higher in search results because some websites have the option to sort by picture count. 

These national sites and the sites that they power total more than 900 real estate search Web sites!



3. The next thing that we do is paid advertising online for the 1st 2 weeks of your listing. NAR studies have shown that the first two weeks that a property is on the market is when there is the MOST Buyer activity. This is due mainly to the fact that most buyers have listing alerts set up so that they can be notified the moment a new property hits the market.

In order to capitalize on this, we purchase a Pay-Per-Click ad on the most popular search engine in the US, Google. These are the Ads that appear above ALL other search results (including the most popular websites)! We look for popular keyword searches that a potential buyer would be using if they were looking for a home like yours (i.e. Homes for Sale in Bayside NY, Forest Hills Coops for Sale, Single Family Homes for Sale in Astoria NY, etc). This is what we do to make your property STAND OUT on the search engines. Most Realtors do not even know what a pay-per-click ad is, let alone how to purchase one and target potential buyers with it.  

4. The next form of paid advertising that we do are called Facebook Ads. You may or may not be aware, but Facebook is one of the most frequently visited Websites on the internet, second only to Google. In fact, Facebook accounts for 1 of every 5 website visits online! In addition, the average first time home buyer is between 30-45 years old and the majority of Facebook members are beteen these ages. With this in mind, we purchase what is called a Facebook Ad. This is a paid ad that runs on the right side of Facebook pages on users' newsfeeds. The great thing about this form of advertising is that it allows you target the users who will see your Ad. So, what we do is target Men & Women over the age of 30, who live in your zip code. This is usually between 5,000 - 15,000 people, all of which will see our Facebook Ads an average of 5-10 times each.


5. The next step taken in our online advertising process is a custom Virtual Tour, posted and published on YouTube.com. YouTube is currently the 3rd most popular website on the internet, behind Google and Facebook. In order to make sure that potential home buyers can actually find our virtual tours, we perform something called "Search Engine Optimization". This is a technical term for getting your stuff to the first page of Search results. It is all done on the back end, and most Realtors do NOT know how to do this. We optimize our virtual tours to ensure that if a buyer goes online (to Google or YouTube) and types in a search phrase to look for a property like one of our clients', they are going to come across our virtual tours!  



6. Due to the popularity of sites like Craigslist, online classified websites have become more and more of a platform for home sales. Buyers are visiting classified websites more frequently during their home search, therefore, the next step that we take in our internet marketing is advertise your home  on 10 of the most popular classified websites for Queens, New York home buyers. We have found this to be an extremely effective form of target marketing and have actually SOLD several homes using this strategy!

In addition, because Craigslist is the most popular classified website on the internet, we will post your home on Craigslist every day of the week... From the day that it hits the market, until the day that it is SOLD!!!  



7. The next thing that we do, which is extremely unique to OUR marketing plan, we create/publish a Press Release & Blog Post announcing that the new listing has officially hit the market. Press Releases & Blogs are very search engine friendly, therefore we create one so as to get our listings to the top of search engines for potential buyers looking for a property like our clients'. We optimize our press releases and blog posts with all of the most popular keywords that a potential buyer would use and we have found this to be extremely effective in getting homes SOLD.  In addition, our Blog (QueensRealEstateTalk.wordpress.com) currently has over 500 subscribers and has been visited over 2,500 times!    




8. The final step that we take in our Internet Marketing for your Home is spread the word via Social Media. We utilize the most popular social media outlets to get the word out in the community about your home foe sale.
  • On Facebook, we post it to our Business Page along with all of the Keller Williams Business Pages in Queens. We then post your listing to all of the Queens, NY Facebook pages such as Queens Tribune, Queens Ledger, Queens, New York, etc. Finally, we post your listing to all of the local facebook pages that we can find find for your neighborhood. This gets the word out there fast! 
  • On Twitter, we post your listing which goes out to our 400+ followers, most of whom are Queens' natives (i.e. potential buyers or friends of potential buyers).
  • We post your listing on Google+ which does not get exposed to as many potential buyers on the Google+ platform, however, because it is a Google platform, it ranks high on Google search results.
  • We then post your listing on LinkedIn which is a good platform to advertise because the median income of LinkedIn users is $60,000 which means that most people on LinkedIn are qualified potential Buyers. We are connected to over 500 professionals in the area so this marketing can very likely result in a qualified inquiry. 

  3. Agent-to-Agent Marketing (27%)

1. The first thing we do to get the word out to our fellow Realtors is to each out to our fellow Keller Williams' Agents. There are over 300 Keller Williams' Realtors in the Queens Area, therefore, we take the following steps to make sure that our KW Agents know about your listing as soon as it hits the market:

  • - We immediately send an eCard to all of these Agents via e-mail
  • - We post an announcement in our Office's community sight. This is a community website built just for our Office and is used for KW Agents and Staff to communicate with each other. Once posted, it will be included in the "Daily Digest" email which is sent out every day.
  • - We post an announcement in our closed Facebook Group for Keller Williams' Agents, this helps us make sure that they read about your listing because even if they delete the e-mail that we send, we know that they will read the notification on Facebook
  • - Finally, we announce your listing at our Office Meetings where we get to pitch the most attractive features of your property in person to our fellow Agents!  

2. The next thing that we do is reach out to ALL of the area's Real Estate Agents. We have spent countless hours compiling a database of every single real estate agent in Queens County, sorted by town! This is something that very few Realtors have. Using this database, we are able to reach out to the Agents of any neighborhood/town as soon as we get a new listing! Since these agents are local, they are very likely to have buyers looking in the area. Every time we send this e-mail, we receive several inquiries for showings.  

3. The next step taken in our Agent-to-Agent Marketing plan is to reach out to all of Queens County's "Producing Agents". By producing agents, we mean any real estate agent who has ever sold a home in Queens. What we know is that 80% of the real estate business in Queens is done by 20% of the Agents, therefore, it is important for us to get the word out to the Agents that are actually selling homes. We send our "Just Listed" eCard to these agents, which is 1,800+ Real Estate Agents! This e-mail always produces several inquiries and showing requests.

 4. The final step taken in our Agent-to-Agent Marketing is call Realtors in the area whom we have done business with in the past. Typically, these Agents are producing agents, and they know us personally so they are likely to either have a buyer, or spread the word for us because we have strong relationships with the Agents that we do business with! 

  3. Yard Signs/Open House Signs (12%)

. For Sale Signs. We do own For Sale signs for residential home owners that hire us to sell their property. We hire a professional sign placement company to place "For Sale" signs in our clients' yards. This form of advertising is very passive because there is not much that can be done to actively engage potential buyers that drive by. What we do is make sure that the sign is clearly visible during the day and at night, when you drive by. We also make sure that the phone number is large enough for someone to capture as they are driving by.


2. Open House Signs. We do host Open Houses for our listings. We have actually learned that this form of marketing does actually work in Queens NY. Open Houses work better in certain areas/neighborhoods of Queens, but nonetheless, they are largely effective throughout the county. What we do to maximize our Open House attendance is the following:

  • - We update the Open House at least 1 week early on the MLS, KWLS, and ListHub. This needs to be done as soon as possible because third party sites (like Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, etc.) update their information at different times. Some sites update their information in 24 hours while others can take up to 1 week. Therefore, we update the KWLS at least one week early to ensure that it is updated on all 3rd party sites. 
  • - We post the Open House to craigslist every day on the week of the Open House! 
  • - We create an event for our Open Houses on all local sites in the neighborhood. Most neighborhoods in Queens have local websites that allow you to create events, so we take advantage of these sites in order to draw locals who may know people who are looking to move in the area. 
  • - We invite ALL of the buyer's in our database who are looking for a home in that area, within that price range (+/- $25,000). We currently have over 1,000 Queens home buyers 
  • - We post our Open Houses in our Office's community sight for fellow KW Agents to know about it.
  • - We post our Open Houses in our Office's closed group on Facebook as well. 
  • - We call neighbors in the surrounding area to notify them about our Open House in order for them to spread the word to anyone that they know who may be interested.
  • - We map out the area and strategically place our signs (with Open House Balloons) to attract the most amount of eyes and visitors.   
  • - We create Open House Packets for people who attend our Open House. These packets include community information, local market stats, school information, and much more! 
  • - We create property fliers that highlight the most attractive characteristics of your property. 
  • - During our Open Houses we require all attendees to sign in to the Open House. This is done for two reasons: #1: Safety - In order for us to know exactly who came in and out of the home. #2: Follow up. We gather all attendees contact information in order to contact them after the open house, if there is a price change, and if there are other Open Houses.
  • - After the Open House, we follow up with all Ope House attendees to get feedback and see if they are interested in making an offer.

  4. Friend, Relative, or Neighbor (8%)
We will provide you with links, flyers, and marketing materials upon your request so that you can spread the word about your property. The more people we can get it out to the better, so even though a small percentage of buyers come through a friend/relative/neighbor, it is still worth doing because you never know...